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Na imprensa estrangeira:

“DTZ has warned that its losses for the year to end-April 2009 will be ‘significantly greater’ than previously anticipated. The profit warning comes as the property adviser struggles to re-orientate its business and revenues in light of the market downturn.

The London-listed property adviser said in an interim statement on Friday that that the continuing deterioration in the market, particularly the decline in investment activity, was further pressuring its performance.

‘These weakening market conditions are reflected in the Group’s trading position, alongside that of our peers worldwide. Accordingly, the group is achieving lower than expected revenues and maintain a cautious outlook for 2009-10,’ the copmpany said.

Former Barclay’s executive Paul Idzik was appointed CEO in the latter part of 2008 to lead the restructuring. This included a fund raising that led to French family-owned group SGP taking a major stake in the group. Idzik had warned that DTZ potentially faced going into administration if the fund raising deal was not completed successfully.”

in PropertyEU Newsletter


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